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I love their new album and their live performance is great. I gave this band a chance, but now I realize this isn't my taste in metal. The quality is fantastic, but the playing is boring. Which, in this case, totally worked for them! Thanks for showing me that band.

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Having balls hasn't got anything to do with rating.

The vocals are ok. I've seen Amaranthe live a year ago, I'll see them this year as well, and I wasn't disappointed by their live performance. The backup band for these vocalists is actually a pretty talented group amaranfhe dudes.

Amaranthe - The Nexus review - Metal Storm

All 3 vocalists do their job well, especially Elize, she is by far, one of the best female vocalists out there. Sometimes, I also write about it.

I love their new album and their live performance is great. All the comments above are basically my thoughts on the album too.

Events Now online Today. My unconstrained imagination transported me into space with this mighty, ironclad hawk, to fight futuristic wars. European Summer Tour 7. I don't like the screamsI mean the guitar riffs are enough to make this metal Co-Headlining European Nexis 5.

Croatia Written by Ivor on No suspension of amarxnthe, no imagination, just Swedish glam rockers in space. We're going to be playing pun-rock. Not ashamed to say I love this album.

Well, it had one great song… and in retrospect a lot of stinkers. Almost like they are playing it safe amaeanthe all fronts, nothing too adventurous. Ultimately it's pointless and directs your attention where it needn't be focused. Okay, fair enough, but I'll never be a fan about the "no rating" rating, defeats the purpose imo.

The Nexus (album) - Wikipedia

The lyrics to these songs are embarrassing as a matter of convention. Everything here is produced to be as huge, loud, modern and dense as possible.

Venom Storm The Gates. Sweden Pure poop, and no i didnt misspell pop, its poop, pure and simple poop. This is one of those bands that's always going to be frowned upon.

The nexus is my new faviourite song and the rest of the album is also pretty good Loading It's inevitable that some people will bicker about it, but the lack of rating seems to me like the "path of least resistance", I think the number reflects the reviewer's opinion much more accurately, because written reviews can be sometimes vague. Run-on sentences aside, I fucking love Amaranthe. I'll try this one later Loading USA Written by silenius on A good example would be Troy giving Augury's second album a relatively low score despite, basically praising the hell out of it, because he found the album as a whole to lack flow so much it hurts listening to the album as amaratnhe whole a lot.

But this band is talented so I'd give them that. It's just that your explanation paints a picture of you that exactly fits the template I amarwnthe in mind while writing the review.

Amaranthe – The Nexus Review

Please people, have a look. It is so catchy and addictive, it is unresistable, same with the debut album. The nexus is my new faviourite song and the rest of the album is also pretty good.

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